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4D Collagen Bio-Cellular Mask


Whitening + Hydration + Firming + Calming + Skin Protection All in one.

Main Function: It is a moisturizing cell mask pack which quickly imports a calming effect to tired skin through 43 specialized ingredients. 4D Bio-Cellulose sheet which was developed with fermentation science.

  • Anti-sensitive
  • Four-in-one function, the effective use of mask, Can make the skin sufficient water content
  • The face no longer dry, rough, Even small fine lines will disappear.

1) This product contains ß-Glucan (dextran), to prevent allergies

2) Using stem cell peptide plant extracts, non-alcohol and no other stimulated ingredients

3) Without chemical preservatives (Paraben) , using mining natural plants "ACLeucidal “ which unopened can be stored for 3-5 years


  1. Peel off protected layer of sheet and use the middle of Bio-Celluar sheet.
  2. Applying on face 15-20 minutes.
  3. Skin allergies or facial wounds should not use the mask

3 pieces / box

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