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Salmon Egg Oxygen Bubble Essence Salmon Egg O2 Bubble Essense

Mineral oxygen bubbles essence spontaneously sparkling when it touches


It helps skin whitening and wrinkle improvement.

It is an all-in- one serum that helps to enhance skin's natural recovery

ability by deeply transferring nutrients of salmon extract, various peptides,

boripyrin, and vegetable kelux deep into the skin.

The patented botanical ingredients (No. 10-1238708 - No. 10-0910747)

and verbena peptides are selected nutrients from the skin filled with

moisture and nutrients from the skin to give a firm and moist skin.

Healing -- - Restoration -- - Play -- - Nature -- -- Soothing -- - Care

- All-in- one essence that solves wrinkles, elasticity and whitening troubles

at once - whitening + wrinkle improvement dual functional cosmetics - Rich

nutrition using 50% salmon extract instead of purified water - The fine

oxygen bubbles that spontaneously sparkle when you touch your skin can

deliver nutrients such as various peptides, bourpirin, and vegetable

kerosene to your skin deeply, so you can feel positive skin effect. -

Patented plant ingredients (No. 10-1238798, No. 0910474) effectively

calms sensitive and irritating skin. - Strengthens the skin barrier firmly and

gives a pleasant tension to the skin, filling it with moisture and nutrition from

the skin, and it helps to create a firm skin.

3-STEP to wrinkle, wrinkle and sagging skin caused by aging O2 BBBLE

Care System

STEP1 O2 Filling VOLUFILINE Fills deeply nourished skin with curved

skin to create dense skin condensation.

STEP2 O2 Fulling Multi-Peptide, EGF, Plant Kellus pulls the stretched

skin and prepares smooth skin condensation.

STEP3 O2 Lifting 50% salmon roe extract, verbena peptides, and other

skin-elasticity ingredients.


01 Take an appropriate fragrance and apply it gently to the entire face and

neck, centering on the eyes, mouth, and wrinkles along the skin texture.

02 Wait for the bubble to appear.

03 If there is a slight bubble, tap it lightly.

Vitamin E and astaxanthin, which are rich in salmon roe, prevent

cardiovascular disease and prevent skin pigmentation and dark circles

caused by stress. - The only fish among Time magazine's top 10 super


- Report of nucleic acid called seed of life

- Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and so on.

- nutrients extracted from salmon roe better than salmon

- Omega-3 essential fatty acids (DHA, EPA) are abundant, so that skin

regeneration and wound healing effect, improvement of skin condition by

intake of compound separated from salmon, anti-aging effect of salmon

nasal cartilage extract, anti- To demonstrate various effects.


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