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About Us

Origin of Hola Belle:

Hola is origin from Spanish which means Hello. We all want to smile everyday because the life is such joyful and beautiful. Belle (beautiful) in French means to convey the beautiful symbol - because the beauty is immortal ~ We would like to achieve the goal to make every man and woman happier.
Hola Belle represent functional skin care products which all of products line are professional and high end prospect. We only provide good quality with reasonable price which is nice and beauty for all direct consumers. And meantime, we all welcome the dealer contact for professional size or the order of quantity volume.
Hola Belle Product Line:
Alitenice (AN):  From France
Maria Galland: From France
Gingi: From United States
Miracle Shine: From United States (Bio-Tech from Swiss)
Paulina: From United States (Bio-Tech from France)