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Amazon Healing Ak:a Oil Mask Pack 25ml*10EA


Containing crocodile oil and Kahai oil

Product Description

Crocodile oil perfectly permeates the skin, producing a sensation of abundance and smoothness. The strong nutritional property of Kahai oil revitalizes the skin, moisturizing, tightening and further smoothing it.

Efficacy and Effectiveness

This functional cosmetic containing crocodile oil and Kahai ingredients elasticizes and moisturizes the skin, improving eye wrinkles and restoring fairness.

How to Use

1. After washing the face, soothe the skin with toning water. Then, take the mask, unfold it, and attach the sheet to fit the shape of the face.
2. Relax for 15~20 minutes, then remove the mask.
3. Lightly tap the contents left on the skin to allow them to perfectly permeate the skin.


29 ingredients including crocodile oil / sunflower seed oil / red goosefoot flower extracts / Ilex paraguariensis leaf extracts / Indian lettuce extracts / prostrate corydalis extracts / rosemary leaf extracts

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