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Epidermal Growth Factor


Excellent for all skin types. For removing the scars: Suggest the professional Esthetician to use EGF with the "micro needle therapy Aesthetic". For lifting, firming loose skin. Suggest the professional Esthetician to use EGF with the "EMS Multi-function beauty instrument"

Net Content: 1MG/3ML/0.02oz X 5 units



Epidermal Growth Factor protein is found in the fibroblast cells of the dermal layer and aids in stimulating cells so that they produce collagen. This is a very key substance that adds to the youthful appearance of the skin.

This vital protein is released by the platelets during the inflammation stage of healing due to injury or trauma to the skin. The growth factor attracts cells to the injured area and is vital in the healing process. This is a natural process that occurs within the body. Epidermal Growth Factor provides topical support for cell renewal and wound repair. As the protein is applied to the skin, all important tissue regeneration begins.

EGF can be used for a variety of in-spa and at-home treatments. Consider recommending it to clients after peels, alpha hydroxy acid services or microdermabrasion treatments because it will help rebuild the skin and provide nourishment. For clients who have experienced injectable-filler procedures, EGF's potent regenerating properties will boost the age-reversal effects of the procedure by stimulating the cells to produce collagen. If a client's skin becomes irritated during a treatment, EGF helps instantly calm and soothe the skin, and for clients with oily or acne skin, a growth-factor can work as a daily moisturizer and protector because it absorbs quickly and helps heal lesions. Also, clients with aged or photo damaged skin can use EGF to help regenerate the skin and increase the effects of age-reversing spa treatments.



- Anti-aging.
- Anti-wrinkle.
- Wound healing.
- Stimulate Hyaluronic Acid biosynthesis.
- Stimulate fibroblast to synthesis elastin. Improve epidermis cell growth and cell division.
- Improve skin condition.
- Nourishing, smoothing, lightening skin and rejuvenation.
- Promoting skin cell growth.
- Removing scars.
- Anti-inflammation. Improve Acne. Increase elasticity.
- Non-toxic, can be used for skin, eye, lip and body.



1.Gently lift the cover with arrow sign, Pulling up to break aluminum pack ring, Take off the rubber stopper.(warning : use the handy tool to open the aluminum ring , avoid hand injury)
2.Take solvent ( Bio Plasmin) 3ml, drop into the powder bottle then gently shake the bottle until Completely dissolved
3.Put the droper on the bottle , pour the EGF solution on the face then tapping gently with your fingers to help spread
* If used with our Beauty equipment (instrument or Micro Needle therapy) will be better

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