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Paulina Hydrating Gel



This product is a high concentration of a variety of pure plant extracts of the essence of ingredients, including the epoch-making Nobel biomedical winner Dr. Cohen developed epidermal growth factor called EGF solution. Due to age, loss of collagen in the skin and skin thinning, fragility, elasticity, wrinkles, and even microvascular appearances.åÊIf this time to the skin to add EGF to the new collagen fiber repair, skin natural epidermal thickening, increased elasticity, wrinkles naturally gradually calm down, but also reduce the skin melanoma cells, and then dilute the stain. This liquid is the most pure top care products together with the French doctors exclusive patent ingredients (compound plant essence) will quickly penetrate the essence of the skin dermal layer, and promote new growth and the role of activity.


The Main Ingradients

  • Hyaluronic gel: Water retention is the first of the natural moisturizing factor, can accelerate the penetration of the effective ingredients of all skin care products, and repair damaged skin
  • TGM + Fac 2 + Nutritional Trace Essence: After the complete absorption of the already horny surface of the rapid metabolism of peeling off, to maintain normal circulation function
  • Collagen: To prevent large pores, aging and skin relaxation, long-term use of astringent capillary effect
  • All leaf aloe vera gel: Moisturizes the skin, effectively relieve irritated skin
  • Perfect Marine Essence: Deep seaweed produced by the seaweed, a good skin moisturizer, the absorption of oxygen in the air effect
  • Lemon essence + Pectin nutrition group: Rich in vitamin C can inhibit melanin growth, anti-free radicals and premature aging of the skin and dilute the fine lines


The Main Function:

  • Deep penetration of pores to promote cell membrane absorption
  • Can break down and remove heavy metals such as lead, automobile grease and so on
  • Can completely clean skin pores, so that the natural ingredients of nutrients completely absorbed
  • Enhanced compactness, health and bright colors



Morning and evening, take a very thin amount of net after rubbing the whole face, without massage, water than make-up water

The full-face dosage of this product is only one peanut size each time, adopt progressive absorption effect better


Preservation Method:

Please store at room temperature, avoid high temperature or direct sunlight.

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