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Paulina Regenerate Cream



This product can remove UV damage in the sun, the formation of protective film on the skin surface, completely improve the rough, to prevent Tuozhuang to maintain the perfect balance, the real maintenance from the basal layer, especially for speckle laser surgery or skin peeling off the skin, do For the perfect repair, rapid and effective, resilient and smooth appearance, reproduction of young radiance.


The Main Ingredients

  • Phospholipids: Can directly penetrate the cell nucleus, activate cells, re-cell life
  • Healthy gum: Can enter the skin deep, increase cell youth value, can make full penetration of living cells and play the best repair effect
  • Uronic acid catalyst: So that the membrane is easy to absorb nutrients, will promote the basal layer transient absorption, energy conversion to improve dull and relaxation
  • Squalane: Deep-sea fish shark oil can stimulate cell regeneration, complete removal of dirt accumulation of dirt decomposition dull melanin acne pores disappeared, naturally show the delicate
  • Biochemical nutrient: There are metabolic functions, the depth of conditioning the skin cells
  • Sangbai extract: Purification of melanin precipitation melanin, mild whitening effect, without stimulation
  • Licorice extract: Allows the skin to feel natural fresh, not greasy, non-sticky cloud
  • Triglycerol: Can reduce the decomposition of spotted scars, deep transient moisturizing, strengthen, so that wrinkles gone Skin glossy white


The Main Function:

  • Make the skin firm and full of elasticity
  • Prevent skin moisture loss, and can form natural moisturizing film, make skin become more soft and smooth.
  • Purify the pores, activate the regenerative function of the skin, promote the metabolism and promote cell regeneration
  • The main ingredient enhances the enzyme activity of the subcutaneous battalion and reproduces the youthful radiance
  • Strengthen the anti-wrinkle, so that weak or unhealthy cells can quickly metabolism, strong premature aging of the skin relaxation, so you Fenghua absolutely beautiful forever

Preservation Method:

Please store at room temperature, avoid high temperature or direct sunlight.

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