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Seabuckthorn Pure Berry Oil Soap 250m


An all-in-one moisturizing oil cleanser that produces lots of bubbles upon contact with water.

Volume: 250ml

Product features

Contains a thick oil-based ingredient that dissolves makeup and produces ample bubbles upon contact with water, and natural soap berry that removes residual makeup and scaly skin. The product also gives a fresh sense after washing the face.

Active ingredients

Sea buckthorn(sea buckthorn fruit extracts (patented ingredient), witch hazel extracts, raspberry extracts, berries


Non-slippery fresh oil form

Efficacy and Effectiveness

Prevents the facial skin from drying out after washing, and restores bright texture to the skin.

How to use

Facial cleanser & body cleanser & shampoo: Wet your face, body or hands and scoop an appropriate amount for use.
Makeup removal: Scoop an appropriate amount and apply to your dry face. Rub off makeup and waste. Add water to create bubbles, and wash your face.
Bathing agent: Put an appropriate amount in the bathtub, and createbubbles before use.

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