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Sheep Placenta Peptide


60 Veggie Capsules, 18,510mg per bottle containing sheep placenta peptide

Weight: 100g/3.53 oz



Sheep placenta offers one of the richest sources of nutrients, growth factors, immune co-factors and bio-active cytokines ever known. If it is rich enough to nourish a developing embryo, just think of what it can do for your skin and health.

Miracle Shine's Sheep placenta peptide molecules 1000Da, Very easy to be absorbed by the body



- Revitalizing the skin-Boosting the immune system
- Improving physical vitality and energy
- Lighten the appearance of freckles, pigmentation and dark spots-Promote a translucent, lustrous and even toned complexion
- Hydrate the skin, Reduce lines and wrinkles, reduce sagging
- Enhance skin renewal process and reduce the appearance of scars-Regulate the natural sebum production and reduce open pores-Regulate menstrual cycle, ease menstrual pain and alleviate menopausal symptoms
- Assist in the burning of excess body fats and firm up the body-Naturally detoxifies (removes impurities)
- Strengthened nail & hair follicle-Healing properties-Antioxidant -Promoting general health

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