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Vita 80 Ampoule 120ml


A vitamin-rich (80%) high-concentration large-size ampoule that leaves the skin immaculate and clean.

Volume: 120ml

Product features

As a concentration ampoule optimized for clear, transparent skin, this product contains 80% sea buckthorn extracts, which contain six times as many vitamins as lemon, along with a combination of vitamin-rich mulberry, fig and other extracts. The product controls the melanin ingredient and moisturizes the skin, activating skin cells and restoring the skin’s original transparency.

Active ingredients

Contains extracts of sea buckthorn, angel's tears, fig, pomegranate, fermented soy bean, etc.

How to use

After using a skin cream, when using Essence or Ampoule, apply an appropriate amount of this product with the pipette and allow to be absorbed.

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